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3D design, do it yourself or outsource it?

A paper printer needs an image and a 3D printer needs a 3D design.

We provide 3D designs for both hobby and professional applications.
We are one of the few printservices who also provide support for a correct 3D design.
Besides that we also check every 3D file for technical errors before printing. By default the 3D design is not supplied if it's only to print a 3D print. If you do need the 3D model you can receive the model for an additional price. Created 3D models are never shared.

Sometimes you can also make your own 3D design which can save a lot of money. Read more about it below.

Before we can make a quotation we need some basic info like:

- The application of the product/model
- Would you like to have it 3D printed
- Is the model necessary later for industrial applications
- What are the dimensions, preferable exact and otherwise estimated
- Colours, if applicable
- Amount of detail

These questions are also asked when requesting the quotation.

Do you want to provide a 3D model for a 3D print yourself? Make use of these handy tips.

- Make sure the 3D model is designed in millimeters. If you've made it in meters or inches, indicate this in the quotation. If you don't know what the measuring unit is, indicate the global dimensions, like for example: 10x10x12cm.
- Try to avoid making hollow spaces yourself to save plasic. Our software does this on it's own in a highly efficient way.
- Don't want support material, then try to avoid overhangs of more than 55 degrees.
- Check your 3D model for errors with the free 3D program of Windows (3D Builder).

Making 3D models in Tinkercad yourself

Tinkercad is a free online program that beginners can easily use. In addition this program prevents modelling errors and can provide a perfect model for us.

Some useful things to know:
1) At the bottom right you have distance per step. If you design something small then set it to 0.10mm.
2) You work with shapes that are solid or instead have a hollowing effect. At the top you have a grouping button, the crop is then processed immediately.
3) You can easily move objects with the arrow keys and for the height you use the ctrl + arrow keys. If you want to move something faster use the shift key as well.
4) If you want exact dimensions then click on the model and insert the dimensions manually.

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The costs for having a 3D model made by us are € 60,00 per hour excluding VAT.

De kosten voor het laten maken van een 3D model bedragen € 60,00 per uur exclusief BTW. Urgent assignments can be more expensive in weekends or during nights.

If it only takes 15 minutes to create the model, the costs are only € 15,00.
We're clear about the prices upfront and these remain the same. If the design takes longer than estimated, the costs remain the same and you do not have to pay extra. If the wishes are changed during the assignment, any additional prices will be discussed in advance.

Download free 3D models

There are more and more large websites on the internet that offer free 3D models. You can often download these even without an account and let us 3D print it for you. Note that most models may not be used for commercial use. We can 3D print it for you, but you can not sell it afterwards.

Top websites: (not always for free)

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