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Everything about plotting for beginners and advanced

Cutting plotter in short

A cutting plotter is an electronic device that makes computer controlled cuts in for example paper or vinyl. Our machine has a high accuracy and controllable depths of cutting. There are many possibilities, for example: advertisement for companies, signs, but it's also really popular in and around the house.

Since we can produce everything ourselves our prices are fair.

In our webshop you can also find many standard vinyl products for walls and/or doors.


The possibilities for vinyl are endless, because it's very thin and flexible. We also deliver our products on an application tape so there's a minimal chance there will be airbubbles.

Vinylfoil is often used for:

- Walls and doors
- T-shirts (heatpress)
- Laptop
- Company advertisement
- Productstickers (limited quantities)

Another advantage of vinyl is that we can print on it.
Our vinyl is of high quality and lasts about 5 years in bad weather and wind without the loss of colour.


Coloured, glitter and metallic vinyl

Available in several colors with the possibility to choose between mat or glossy. These materials last a long time inside the house and about 5 years outside in bad weather and wind without the loss of colour.

Flexfoil (for printing on textile)

This foil is meant for printing on textile. We offer to print on tshirts, but it's also to do this yourself with a flat-iron. This is only possible for small surfaces.
Don't forget to press the flat-iron hard for 15 seconds (150 degrees). After this it's washable until 60 degrees.
Don't clean chemically or use of fabric softener is not recommended.


Vinylfoil with a print, for example with flowers.

Special materials

- Mirrorfoil
- Windowfoil
- Reflectorfoil
- Blackboard foil
- Snowfoil
- Stencil foil (to use with for example spraying paint)

Printable vinyl

Maximum size A4 and not waterproof.

Paper stickers

Ideal and cheap for hobby usage. Maximum a4 and not waterproof.


The prices for our plotting services vary, this is because of our working time.
Think of for example letters, in the letter "A" the inner part needs to be removed as well. If we prepare 50 of these this will take us some time. It's not possible to do this yourself, because after this step we apply the application tape.

Prices starting point (standard coloured vinyl):

- Per 1cm² € 0.007
- 10x10cm € 0.70
- 50x30 € 9.95
- 100x30cm € 29.95

All the prices on standard products are already pre-calculated in our webshop. Would you like your own text, it's possible to edit this for some products. If you are looking for something else then click here to get a quotation.

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