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What is 3D printing?

3D printing sounds very complicate but it's actually not that hard. You could compare it with an ordinary paper printer, the difference is that a 3D printer sticks a lot of sheets in a certain shape. Due to the heat the plastic melts together.

Over time, multiple printing techniques have been introduced, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The most used technique is the FDM technique, because it's pretty good in all areas. FDM uses a plastic filament, other techniques often use powders or liquids. The example below is from our FDM printer (time sped up).

Costs of 3D printing

We adapt the printing method and post-processing to your specified wishes. This way the price will fit your print(s) and there won't be any disappointment. The dimensions have a big impact on the price because it's scaled 3-dimensionally.

Starting point prices of FDM prints of average quality:

5cm € 1-10
10cm € 5-50
20cm € 20-200

Click on the product on the left for a free quotation.

What if I don't have a 3D design?

Take a look at this page and you will learn everything about 3D design or how to outsource it to us. Would you like to know more than you can always contact us.

All quotation requests are entirely without obligation. Only when you agree with the quotation we will start the ordering process. Price quotes expire with 30 days so make sure you agree on time.

Materials and colours

Every printing technique has it's own possibilites of different materials and colours. The most used technique is FDM, which has around 15 colors available. The downside is that each print can only contain 1 or 2 colours. For FDM we print with a biodegradable plastic which has been very well developed in recent years. In fact, it is now the replacement of the harmful ABS plastic (oil product). Many print services still print with ABS, but we are very happy with the replacement.

Some printing techniques deliver a transparent product or just in white. Almost all prints can be painted by you or by us. Some printing techniques also give the possibility to polish and/or give it an UV treatment.

Since recently we can also supply full colour prints, but this printing technique produces a print which is equal to plaster in terms of strength. This will therefore only be useful for decorative purposes.

Overview printing techniques

It's not necessary to compare printing techniques. If you request a quote you can click on advise me.


We have a lot of influence on the quality and price, which is why FDM is really popular.

Advantages <-> Disadvantages
Short delivery time
Several colors
Eco friendly

1 colour per print
Support necessary
Until max 97 degrees celcius
Appearance 75%
Strength 80%
Price (higher is cheaper) 90%
Durability 85%
Environmentally friendly 90%


For very strong prints

Advantages <-> Disadvantages
Very strong Nylon
No support necessary
Smooth finish
1 colour per print
A bit more expensive than FDM
Appearance 90%
Strength 100%
Price (higher is cheaper) 70%
Durability 95%
Environmentally friendly 60%


Ideally for jewelry

Advantages <-> Disadvantages
High resolution
High temperatures
Smooth results

Very limited in colour
A little bit of support necessary
Until max 97 celcius
Can't withstand sunlight very well
Not very strong

Appearance 90%
Strength 60%
Price (higher is cheaper) 40%
Durability 55%
Environmentally friendly 60%


Multicolor but not very strong.

Advantages  <-> Disadvantages
Full color

Not strong, comparable to plaster
Appearance 65%
Strength 20%
Price (higher is cheaper) 70%
Durability 65%
Environmentally friendly 60%


Very suitable for the medical sector.
Also think of drilling jigs, bridges and crowns.

Advantages  <-> Disadvantages
ISO 13485
High precision

Delivery time
Appearance 95%
Strength 90%
Price (higher is cheaper) 30%
Durability 90%
Environmentally friendly 60%


Metalprints (not offered as standard, very different printing technology).

Advantages <-> Disadvantages
Flexibel in design
Delivery time
Appearance 40%
Strength 100%
Price (higher is cheaper) 40%
Durability 100%
Environmentally friendly 70%

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